Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Up to 50% off Jessica Simpson Collection!!

How exciting!! I love Jessica Simpson shoes! They are so comfortable, and they look amazing.. I have the Striker shoes, and I wear them all the time! I get soo many compliments on them every single time I wear them!
So go check it out here and be sure to pick some things out! I promise you will not be dissapointed!!

Madonna for Louis Vuitton.. New ads!

What do you think of Madonna in the new Louis Vuitton ad? I really think she looks HOT! I love when Madonna works with Marc Jacobs.. Who also just so happens to be the love of my life! ♥ ahhh he's soo amazing! Its no wonder he was behind this entire look! Loves it!!!!

H&M, LV, and Wal-Mart top Brand Value!

"The megabrands are powering ahead.H&M, Louis Vuitton and Wal-Mart, respectively, are ranked as the world’s most valuable apparel, luxury and retail brands this year, according to a study by consulting group Millward Brown Optimor."

Visit for more info!!

Demi Lovato is ADORABLE!

How cute is she? I definately think that she's the next big thing for music, acting and fashion! She has graced us acting on the Disney channel, and she's done so well for herself! I cant wait to see what she does next! Look out for this hot Starlet!!

Back to School w/ Sasha Fierce!!

Ohhh how exciting!! Beyonce and her mother Tina have launched a clothing line that compliment Beyonce's alter-ego, Sasha Fierce. They will be launching this line as part of their House of Dereon line, and it will be in full-force for back to school shopping! Read more about the new line, here!

Kevin Jonas Engaged??

Sooo.. Rumors have been flowing that Kevin Jonas is engaged! Who even knew he had a GF? lmao... Oh well, I hope that it's true... I can't wait to see what ring he gve her! Apparently he was seen shopping at David Yurman with his mother!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld & Usher front row at Dior Homme

My 2 favorite people ever. Karl Lagerfeld has had such an amazing influence on fashion, and is an inspiration to anyone who is looking to follow in his footsteps... And Usher... wow. He never fails his fans with his fashion choices. He always looks so put-together and he's always fashion forward. Loves it!!

"KARL WHO?: “I find it flattering. Somebody offered one to me and now Colette has picked it up,” Karl Lagerfeld said at Dior Homme on Sunday, referring to the “Karl Who?” Naco-Paris canvas tote that he’s been spotted carrying around town. Filmmaker Zoe Cassavetes darted about snapping show guests, including Lily Cole and Usher, as part of a photo series for Dior Homme designer Kris Van Assche, which will include the show’s casting in Argentina. “I’m going to take pictures of Antoine Arnault — the boss,” declared Cassavetes, who has two movies to finish by the end of the year. “I just saw Sofia [Coppola] in L.A. She just started a new film, and we were both saying, ‘It’s all about the calm.’” Seated in the front row, model Fernanda Tavares said she’s looking forward to getting back to work after giving birth — but not for too long. “I’m already thinking about the next one,” she confessed."

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Beyonce looking FIERCE in Balmain at BET Awards!

OMG! How amazing does Beyonce look rocking Balmain? wow... Shes probably the only person that can pull this dress off! It looks amazing on her!!
What was your favorite outfit from the BET awards?

Sunday, June 28, 2009!

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know where I got the inspiration to start my own blog! is a website that I visit every single day!
It has everything that you are looking for and more! Im never dissapointed with a post, and can spend hours going through the entire website!! Visit for more!

Backstage at Lanvin -

I love these pics from the Lanvin show! The models look like they're having an awesome time, and it doesnt seem like work for them!
Check out the rest of the pics!!